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Are you a investor, city manager, supply chain manager, or sustainability association manager that wants to understand the social and environmental impact of your network?

Let B Lab SA help you. Services:

  • Create a customized version of B Lab’s Quick Impact Assessment that reflects your measurement interests to start collecting data today
  • Get coaching from our team on how to inspire your companies to measure and improve their impact
  • Review the aggregated results of your measurement campaign using B Analytics and receive coaching from the B Lab team on how to make the most of your results

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The following are located in or are measuring the impact of companies in South Africa:

Company Partner Type Partnership Description
Agri-Vie Investor GIIRS Impact Rated
Bamboo Finance Investor GIIRS Impact Rated
GrayGhost Ventures Investor GIIRS Impact Rated
Leapfrog Investor GIIRS Impact Rated
Mergence Investor GIIRS Impact Rated

The following companies are based in South Africa, have been invested in by a GIIRS rated fund (see above), and they themselves have received a GIIRS rating:

Company Industry
Cape Olive Products (Pty) Ltd Agricultural Processing
CareCross Health Medical and dental practice
Dew Crisp Growing, non-perennial crops
Ditikeni Investment Company Equity investor
Edu-Loan Credit Provider
Fairfield Dairy Food Products
HIK Abalone Farm Fishing and aquaculture
Intelichem Ag raw materials/live animals
Lendcor Credit Provider
Movirtu Telecommunications
Rand Trust Financiers Rand Trust Financiers
SA Taxi Finance Holdings Credit Provider
TUHF Limited Credit Provider